Hello!  I am Karrie Knowles.  I am a photographer and graphic editor working out of New England.  I live in Connecticut and am the Mother of My Three Sons.  Life is always an adventure with these guys and so much fun.  They are my pride and joy and greatest accomplishment.

I love art and photography and being creative but I have to be honest and tell you it was not always easy breaking out of the normal every day working world.  I had no idea I could even be an artist or maybe always was an artist.  My two youngest boys below came to me when they were about 9 & 10 asking me if I would Homeschool them.  What?!  Homeschool you?!  Why on Earth would I do anything of the kind.   I thought they were kidding.  They were NOT kidding.  My oldest son loved school but always had a difficult time.  These two were not finding the conventionality of public schools any easier than he did.  The city we lived in at the time was closing two schools and combining the children into all of the other schools in an effort to make budget cuts.  Logically speaking it was the perfect time to take them out of school.

However, all of the questions started in my mind…  How would I work with two children at home?  How could I possibly make this happen? How could I let them down and deny their dreams and goals?  It was true I hated my job at the time.  But I had not other prospects and no other skills, so I thought…  It was right around this time that my Father said something to me that changed my life and has helped me fulfill my boys dreams of Homeschooling.  I hope you will follow my blog so I can fill you in on more of this journey and how I came to photography and how everything in our lives came together.  You can find the first article here:  Welcome

In the meantime I want to share everything I have learned with you.  How to learn about photography. How to choose your camera gear.  How to shoot in manual.  What to do on location.  How to be more creative in your own life.  Which books are great for inspiration and learning and business.  I am super passionate about reading and learning and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned and experienced on my own photographic journey with you.

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Fun Times At Watch HiIl, RI

Photos taken by Fiona Peters



I love The OCEAN

I love blues and greens hence the jade and turquoise

Cookies and icecream are my weakness.

Being Honest to a Fault is MY Superpower

I eat gluten free, dye free, preservative free, hormone free, corn syrup free.  YES I am one of those people!!

If I weren’t allergic to Planet Earth I would own a Farm.  I secretly live vicariously through Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Favorite Shows:  Yes Fixer Upper.  The Middle.

Currently Binge Watching:  Smallville on HULU

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