Wisdom Wednesday

Be a Teacher

Wisdom Wednesday – Be a Teacher


Hello Everyone!

I took the entire month of April off  from blogging for education, mental health, and personal growth.  I have missed you all so much and hope you all are doing well!

I took some amazing classes last month in photography (check out some of my latest work here at Karrie’s Photography), art, business, health and well being and personal growth.  This is super exciting for me because now it means I have so much more to share with my students and all of you!

While I was doing all of this in depth learning, I was also teaching.  I have been loving my time with my photography students and have added business mentoring as well. Check out this new addition over at the SHOP.  I will be adding a Small Business Saturday blog to share some popular tips I’ve been using with my business clients.

At the very end of one of my classes I read the quote above.  I thought it was so inspiring because we are always learning but sometimes we don’t even realize it.  You do not need a fancy degree to learn, you can just go out into the world, visit a museum, travel to a new place, walk the park or beach, pick up a book, pick up a pen (or keyboard), and even teach it!  Just because we become a teacher of something does not mean we stop learning or have learned it all.  In contrast it means we are learning the subject we are teaching with even more depth and understanding.

So this is my hope for all of you.  No matter what age you are or what journey in life you are on, continue learning what you are curious about.

Then go out and teach it. 

As always here is one more quote for you:

“A great teacher teaches so that their not needed anymore.”  Heidi Hope

I also spent time reading some amazing new books I can’t wait to share with you so catch me tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



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