Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Photography Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Camera Gear – Week 4 – Gadgets

I’ve been having the MOST fun with my photography students!! Last week we photographed this darling little baby boy.  Check out the full photography blog here Karrie’s Photography.


If you haven’t signed up for your photography mentoring you can do so at the Shop.

This week’s Tips & Tricks topic is Camera Gear.  What to bring on location.  

In addition to your camera body, lenses, and off camera flash, photography gadgets you may need would be; batteries, camera cards, meters, umbrellas, lighting stands, reflectors, flash diffusers, lens filters, lens hoods, straps & bags.

As you know by now I like to keep things simple.  I bring two camera bodies, three lenses, one off camera speedlight, extra batteries, extra camera cards, and my bags and props.

I highly recommend that you get a camera bag on wheels. I personally travel to parks, beaches, farms, homes, and urban areas for my photography sessions.  I actually have all of my camera gear in my favorite camera bag from the Canon Gear link below and then put that bag inside a bag on wheels.  It has been so convenient since I added those wheels!

As far as fancy gadgets I don’t personally bring very many.  I do not like lens filters.  I’d rather have control over my filters in Photoshop.  I do not use a meter because I eyeball the natural light and adjust my camera often and accordingly.  I do have a lens hood on all of my lenses.  I also have a couple duffusers for my flash when I need it.  I will bring a couple white boards if I’m not wearing white.

Some cool links:

Red Tag Camera

Canon Gear

Hold Fast Gear

Flash Diffusers

I hope this helps with your photographic journey.  Remember to be yourself.  This is a short blog today because being me means I don’t carry a lot of gear.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t!  Keep being you and build your art and business around your own preferences and comfort zone.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!





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