Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday Book Review

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

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This week I talked about being yourself.  If you are having trouble being yourself or finding yourself or your creativity or artistic vision this is a great book to turn to.  It’s a twelve week program that will help you uncover your creative side.

Without realizing it our childhood experiences and upbringings have created the person we are today. For good or bad.  Hopefully for good.  However, there are a lot of negative things we hear and experience as children that shape the way we think and feel today as adults.  True or false we have spent years conditioning ourselves to believe these things.

FALSE.  As difficult as it may seem to face, more often than not most of those things are false.

This book has engaging exercises and assignments at the end of each chapter to help you uncover which memories you have living inside you are true and which are false.  Which you should let go of and which you should cherish.

What does my past have to do with creativity?

EVERYTHING.  Creativity and art is reflected by the creator and artist. Who they really are. What they feel.  What they see.  What they love.  What they don’t love.  What they believe to be true or false in their own world.

Until you uncover those things about yourself, you may find it challenging to create anything.  You may have a burning desire to create something but do not know how or what.

This was a challenging class for me personally because I do not remember some of the things she asks us to uncover in the assignments.  However, I did my best and I can say it was tremendously helpful and has motivated and encouraged me to be a better artist and be true to myself and my own creative side.

I hope you find this book helpful on your next artistic endeavor.

Have a Thoughtful Thursday!



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