Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday Book Review

Do The Work By Steven Pressfield


So yesterday we talked about starting before your ready.  This book, Do The Work, is the sequel to last weeks book The War of Art.  If you have read the War of Art and have now learned how to overcome the resistance that is stopping you from beginning, you are now ready to begin!

So where can we start if were starting before were ready?  Remember our seven habits of highly effective people? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Begin with the end in mind.  In Do the Work Pressfield refers to this as working back to front.  He says:

“End first, then beginning and middle.  That’s your startup, that’s your plan for competing in a triathlon, that’s your ballet.”

Some problems you will need to overcome:  Thoughts and chatter. Self Judgment. Hitting the Wall. Fear. Panic. Attitude.

“Our job is not to control our idea; our job is to figure out what our idea is and wants to be and then bring it in to being.”

What will keep you going?  LOVE

“The opposite of fear is love-love of the challenge, love of the work, the pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.”

Finally he helps us get to the END and complete our project.

“Finishing is the critical part of any project.  If we can’t finish, all our work is for nothing.”

I hope this book helps you to BEGIN.

Have a Thoughtful Thursday.






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