Wisdom Wednesday


Wisdom Wednesday



Have you ever had a great idea or felt inspired to start something new but find yourself coming up with a bunch of reasons, or excuses, as to why you shouldn’t do it?

Your too young.  Your too old.  Your too inexperienced.  Your not educated.  You will be criticized.  You will fail.

Well many extremely successful artists and entrepreneurs will tell you otherwise.

Those little voices of self doubt in your head are really just our ego using our own fears against you.  Fear of what others will think.  Fear of failure.  Believe it or not even fear of success. So how do we overcome such fears?  With Love and Passion.  Two things we’ve already discussed.

Steven also says “The opposite of fear is love-love of the challenge, love of the work, the pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.”

So how do we begin?

“Begin with the end in mind.”  Stephen R. Covey.  Stephen tells us to take a look at the big picture.  What is the end goal you want to achieve?  Start by writing it out.  Envision what you want others and yourself to get out of this endeavor.  Then BEGIN.  Start with small achievable tasks to start your journey.  When you start a real journey what do you do?  You plan out your trip.  You write down where you want to go.  You look at photos and do research.  You map out the places you will visit.  You buy tickets to the amusement park and reserve hotel rooms.  You pack a bag.  You fill your gas tank.  Then You BEGIN.  You get in the car and start driving.  Because you started with the end in mind you know where you are going and what you will do when you get there.  However, you are also enjoying the ride along the way.  Even if things do not go exactly according to plan it’s always fun to take a detour and discover something new right?

A few more insightful quotes for you:

“Stop waiting for permission to be as great as you already are.  No permission needed.”  Mari Forlio.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  Walt Disney.  Have you seen the movie Walt Before Mickey?”  If your looking for some inspiration this is a great movie on Netflix.  It shows us how he started out broke and starving and homeless with little support.  Not that we enjoy another humans suffering but the moral of the story is that anybody can get started with nothing but their ideas and creative vision even YOU.

I hope this inspiration helps you get going and have the self-confidence to get started.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!



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