Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Camera Equipment

Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Camera Equipment – Week 1 – Camera Body

Going Old School

So I’d like to share some thoughts with you about camera equipment today. I want to make it clear that while it is essential that you purchase a DSLR if you are attempting to earn money from your photography, it is NOT essential that it be the latest and greatest $6,000 camera right off the bat.  One of the first camera’s I invested in five years ago was a Canon EOS 10D.  This is an official DSLR.  However, it came on the market in 2003 which made it ten years old by the time I purchased it.  Now I had been shooting for twenty years as a hobbyist, so I started on film, then went digital with a Kodak Easyshot for easy photos of my babies.  Then I moved up to the Canon Powershot.   Then a Canon Rebel Sl1.  When I finally made the decision to go pro and start charging I knew I had to upgrade to a DSLR camera body that allowed or manual shooting and interchangeable lenses.  However, I was kind of upgrading and downgrading at the same time because my other cameras were always new and this camera was ten years old!!  I was a single mom and my budget was literally $300.  I bought the Canon EOS 10D with 18-55 kit lens for $175 on Ebay!  I then added the coveted 50mm portrait lens for $100.  A few months later I added the 75-300mm for wedding photography.  This is really what I did, no joke.  You never want to go in debt for your business.  So decide on a budget and build your equipment around that budget.

If you look at last week’s Photographing Connections article, the photo of the baby with the big blue eyes snuggling with his mama was taken with this camera. It’s still one of my favorites. I also took this Fall session below of a fellow single mom and her son with the 10D.  The color, quality, clarity, and catch lights are all good and mom’s favorite was the barn photo with this little guys every day stoic expression.  Your clients are paying for you and your artistic vision not for what kind of equipment you use.  They will not even know the difference nor do they care, that’s what their paying you for.

Now I have upgraded since my 10D days but I used that old camera for a couple years and still have it as a back up or to train new assistants with to this day.  So while I highly recommend investing in an official DSLR camera body from Canon or Nikon if you are going to start charging, do a little research and find out if you can go back a few years for your camera body and invest in newer lenses.  I actually like ordering from both the official Canon and Nikon websites because your product is guaranteed, you have an official receipt, you can purchase a warranty, and it’s just nice to feel that sense of security.  They also offer packaged discounts and certified refurbished products.  With that being said since I am a camera tech geek, I do have a favorite Ebay vendor that I will share with you and I have purchased local equipment of Craigslist.  When purchasing off Craigslist please be safe; never invite people to your home and always meet in a public parking lot.

Red Tag Camera – My favorite & now only Ebay Store.



For help or additional information on purchasing your camera body feel free to sign up for Photography Mentoring over at the SHOP

Have a Terrific Tuesday



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