Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Photographing Connections

Tips & Tricks Tuesday



Today I want to talk about photographing connections.  This is what photography is all about. Making an emotional connection with your subjects and in turn allowing your subjects to make an emotional connection with each other.  What are you feeling?  What are they feeling?

In order to do this you as the photographer need to be connected to your art, your craft, your environment, and most importantly your subjects.  If you are connected you will naturally capture their connection.  Well how do you connect with your art?  How do you connect with your craft?  How do you connect with your environment?  And most importantly how do you connect with a perfect stranger?

YOUR ART:  As artists we have to love our own work in order for anyone else to love it.  We have to be confident that we are the professionals.  Our client hired us because they trust that we can professionally photograph them in a way that they could not do themselves. Even if you are just starting out you picked up that camera for a reason.  Something or someone encouraged you to go for your goals.  Shoot for the starts.  That something motivated you or that person believed in you and you need to believe in yourself and remain motivated.  Find ways to always remind yourself why you are doing this.  Why did you start.  Why have you continued.  How are you using your art to give back to your client.

YOUR CRAFT:  Photography is not only an art whether we like it or not it is also a science.  I know many of us artists cringe at the thought of science.  But where do you think your light is coming from?  If you are using natural light you are using the sun.  If you are using off camera lighting you are using a scientific invention.  You need to know you are going to manipulate the lighting in your environment or the lighting you bring to light your subject and how that lighting will reflect into the camera.  You also need to learn the scientific technology of your camera.  Your settings.  Your lenses.  You have to master your craft to the point that it is like part of your body.  You know exactly where everything is and how everything works.

YOUR ENVIRONMENT:  As we’ve talked about in the previous weeks you should have your session planned out.  So you will know exactly where you are shooting.  You should have visited the location at the exact time of day you will be shooting so you can plan your lighting accordingly and have back up plans for different weather conditions.  If you are shooting outdoors why are you shooting there?  Did you recommend the location?  If so why?  What do you love about it?  Is it a garden?  Do you love the colors and the romance that the flowers represent?  Is it on a beach? Do you love the calm peaceful blue ocean? What areas of the location are you going to incorporate into your clients session.  If  your client chose the location, why?  What do they love about it.  What about it is meaningful to them.

YOUR SUBJECTS:  How can you connect with a perfect stranger?  If your subject is a child do you have children?  Nieces and nephews?  What makes them laugh.  What makes them comfortable?  What do you love about all children.  Do you love their carefree innocence?  Their ability to have fun no matter where they are?  If you have no children in your life we can all remember being a child. Go back to your childhood.  Remember what it was like to feel fun and fancy free.  You can relate to any person you photograph.  Are they parents like you?  Are they grandparents?  If your not a parent do you remember special moments with your parents and grandparents.  If they are teenagers can you remember your teen years?

When you incorporate your own connections into your session your clients will feel at ease and will naturally connect with each other causing the perfect moment to create an amazing photograph.

I hope this helps you on  your next photographic journey.  For more on this great topic of connection SUBSCRIBE HERE

Have a Terrific Tuesday



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