Photography Classes

Photography Classes

The Shop is Open.


The Creative Candy Corner Store is open!!!

My first series of mentoring courses Camera Candy is now available in the Store.

I am super excited to offer my photography skills to you and help you get started on your creative path.  I have been learning photography for twenty-four years now.  I started out photographing on film and developing photos in a dark room.  YES I’m showing my age… but I just want to express to you how long I have been passionate about photography.

I’ve also worked with some major international photography corporations, photographed dance photography, wedding photography, family photography, maternity portraits and photographed hundreds of children and babies over the years.

If your trying to figure out how to really use your camera and equipment all alone and would like a little one on one assistance than these classes are just what you need. Everyone needs a mentor.  I was fortunate to have quite a few amazing mentors on my photographic journey.  They were so encouraging, supportive, and inspiring to me and I hope I can do the same for all of you.

There are three options available in the shop for all budgets and levels.  So hop on over and sign up!  I can’t wait to meet you and get you started.  Shop


Photography Mentoring


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