Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughful Thursday:  Book Review

Dolly Parton Dream More 


So I thought I would write a review on something fun for the last Thursday of the month. Haven’t we been wracking our brain on some heavy material.  Let’s take a break and laugh with Dolly Parton this week.  Although she is inspirational she is funny too.

This book is a very short easy read that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. We all know Dolly Parton is quick witted and sassy.  Her writing portrays nothing less. Although, through all that hair, makeup, and southern charm she has actually lived and seen the same troubles as the rest of us, if not more.  Growing up in the southern mountains she came from a poor family with twelve children.

If you haven’t seen her movie The Coat of Many Colors run out and get it.  It’s a must see.

In this book she explains how she persevered by Dreaming Big.  She always dreamed of being a star since she was a little girl. She would put a tin can on a tobacco stick for a microphone and pretend chickens were her audience. She would pretend her ragged dress was glitter and silk.  She would use berries for lipstick, burnt matchstick for eyeliner, and honeysuckle for perfume.

She always imagined her life as a star, claimed that she would be a star when others asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and lived and believed she was a star.  In this book she explains the four steps she believes it takes to turn your dreams into your own reality.  She also surprises us with some great bonuses like her lyrics, poems, and quotes. And of course you have to read until the end so you can enjoy the Wit and Wisdom of the Dolly-Mama

She also talks about the importance of giving back and how she has given back to her small hometown in  Tennessee.  She never forgot her roots or family.  She uses her fame and fortune to provide education and books to children.  She continues to remain humble and keep working hard even though she has accomplished so much.

No we do not all want to be stars.  However, we do all have dreams.  We do all have plans. We do all have goals.

One more quote from Dolly:

“Plan your life and do what you do best.  You can be absolutely anything you want to be.  You may not want to be a star, but you do want to star in your own dreams.”

Have a Tremendous Thursday!



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