Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Photography Tips & Tricks

It’s Tips & Tricks Tuesday.

This week my tip is: Bring Blankets!!!


You know how I’m always talking about keeping things simple.  Well how much simpler can it get than a blanket?

I bring blankets on every photo shoot I go on.  I color coordinate the blankets I bring with my clients wardrobe choices, background setups, baby wraps and hats, and children’s toys. Blankets are super awesome for children of all ages as well as for adults and entire families.

So how do you know what the family is wearing, what the the background coloring will be, what a baby will be photographed in, and what toys the children will have.  Your being proactive.  Your planning.  Your preparing.  Your Passionate about making their session as amazing as it can be.  See how all of these blogs are fitting together? You want to be meeting with parents and clients ahead of time to prepare and essentially design their session together.  Help them with color coordinated wardrobe ideas.  Ask them what theme or color scheme they would like to design their setup and background around.  Help them choose toys and props around their theme and color choices.  You may think, well I don’t shoot in a studio.  Even if your going lifestyle, which I love BTW, you want to design around your clients house or choice of location.  You can design around the baby’s nursery or the colors they decorate in.  If your always on location you want design your session around the best areas for lighting at the park, beach, or city you are shooting at. Then you choose simple and easy props, such as blankets, that coordinate.

If you’d like to see more ideas and samples of how I use blankets on location be sure to SUBSCRIBE for this week’s freebie Designing with Blankets.

See this sweet baby’s full garden session at Karrie’s Photography

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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