Wisdom Wednesday

Be Proactive

**Wisdom Wednesday**

Be Proactive!!!

Proactive:  Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Photograph by Cedrone Knowles, JR.

Isn’t this a great quote.  Especially for those reactive people like myself.

Reactive:  Acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it.

Did you know that being reactive is the exact opposite of being proactive.  I sure didn’t. Actually it is just something I never thought of.  Something that never occurred to me.  I reacted to almost everything in my life.  I played the blame game a lot.  I had no idea that everything that was happening in my life, good or bad, was actually my own doing and I was responsible for.   It’s pretty tough to hear, right?  Are you with me.  It takes a lot of self refection and self discipline to change your entire way of thinking around and to take responsibility of your own thoughts and feelings and in turn actions.

Everything we think and feel can turn into an action for better or worse depending on weather we are reactive or proactive.  Let’s take this photo above for instance.  Are we reacting to the cold, wet, frigid, long winter with feelings of depression and despair and in turn thoughts of boredom and confinement and in turn actions of complaining and whining?  OR are we taking this opportunity to look around and see the beauty of the winter wonderland that is snow and ice, think about the rush of winter fun like ice skating and snowboarding, feel the warmth of hot cocoa and fireplaces, take the time to experience ALL things that belong only to those few short winter months.  See how quickly we realized that those “long” winter months are actually a few “short” winter months.  It’s all about perspective.  It’s all about being proactive with each and every situation we are in.

Now if you don’t mind a fire burning wood stove in front of sliding glass doors with a view of my backyard winter wonderland is calling my name.

EXERCISE:  Can you catch yourself being reactive and change your attitude to a proactive one?  What bothers you the most on daily basis?  Traffic?  Long Lines?  Demanding Bosses? Gossiping co-workers?  Barking Dogs?  Find one thing this week that irritates the heck out of you.  Instead of letting it ruin your day and give you a headache (bad feelings) shake it off.  Listen to some happy music.  Force yourself to think of something good and feel good. When you get home to your family or they come home to you start off with positive discussions and exciting news as opposed to complaints and questions and demands. Then relax and spend quality time together. WHALA enjoy your evening…

Join me for more about being proactive tomorrow on the Thoughtful Thursday Blog.  I have a great book for you.

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