Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Photography Tips & Tricks

It’s Tips & Tricks Tuesday!

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This weeks Freebie is Creating with Crates. A PDF with some great ideas for using crates with  your session setups.  Be sure to Subscribe for our Newsletter to receive this weeks Freebie.  Subscribe


We talked a lot about being prepared last week.  Well one way to be prepared is to plan your sessions. Plan your theme, colors, props, toys, blankets.  One way I love to use my creativity in planning a session is by using crates.

I like to make things simple and have more than one use for anything I buy.  Crates are so much fun to use and can make things easier because you can throw a lot of your stuff inside the crate while your carrying it to your clients home or the park or beach.  Their so versatile and useful.  They come in all sizes and colors.  They can be totally vintage with the right antiques strategically placed around them.  They can be brand new and colorful with a little spray paint.  They can be used for newborns, babies, toddlers and preschoolers with all kinds of setups and colors.  With a little imagination your options when using crates as a prop are endless.

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To see more of my photography sessions visit Karrie’s Photography and check out my photography blog.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!


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