Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday Book Review

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port


If you are starting a business or trying to improve your business this is a great book. I have to warn you in advance though that he is very detailed and will put you to work. Which is why I’m writing this review this week to go along with my theme of Being Prepared. You do need to be prepared to market to new clients and keep in touch with old clients. The majority of any business will come from referrals. So keeping the clients you have is extremely important. I love the following quote I came across as a photographer.

“It’s really not complicated. You keep the customers you have, and you go out and get new ones every day, in that order. ” Richard P Erickson, Late Chairman Lifetouch.

Doesn’t that sound simple?! It is that simple. However, for it to get that simple preparation and hard work are required first.

This week’s book shows you step by step how to make this happen. Blending old school and new school techniques. He takes you through the roles and stages of marketing using new school social media, old school cold calls, old school directories, and old school referrals.‎ He also helps you combine old fashion networking such as writing, speaking, and actually socializing with real people, with today’s online networking. Marketing is tough. Really tough. And for someone like me who would rather be out shooting it’s also really boring and time consuming. It’s nice to have someone break it all down for you.   Then once you have started it becomes easier to keep it going.

Here is a very very important quote I came across in this book. Can you tell I love quotes???

“Readers are Leaders” Michael Port.

And that is the entire reason I decided to do a book review blog. I love reading. I have since I was a child. I would stay up all night just to finish a book. Now as an adult I still love reading and I love learning. Along my journey of business and photography these books I am sharing with you helped me to persevere. To keep going. Keep learning. Keep creating. I hope they inspire and help you as much as they have inspired and helped me.

Have a Thoughtful Thursday!


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