Wisdom Wednesday

Be Prepared

‎Wisdom Wednesday
“Preparation Meets Opportunity. Nothing about my life is Lucky”
Oprah Winfrey

Photography by Samuel Knowles

I love this quote for three reasons. First I do not believe in luck. Second I never knew you could actually be prepared for your own life.  I wasn’t even noticing opportunities that came to me.  That’s right I’m one of those people who just woke up every day living in a daze. Life just happened to me I never planned it. My life was running me I wasn’t running my life. When I heard this quote and began to study what it meant I was amazed. I could actually control my life and the outcome of daily events and activities. Last week’s book was one of the first steps for me. I could control my time. I could control my anxiety. I could control my days. Now this isn’t to say I’ve turned into some control freak. On the contrary it means I am less of a control freak. Because I’m now responsible for my own behavior and able to plan out my days, there is no reason for me to feel the need to control every situation and every person. I am able to be more tolerant and patient. How so? Well I’m not longer allowing crazy, self destructive incidents to take over my days and in turn my life. I come prepared. Each day I come prepared for my own life. I have dreams and goals written and planned.  I also never thought dreams and goals were important enough to even plan them.

What about the second part of the quote; meeting opportunity. Well if your planning according to the big picture in your mind, taking small baby steps every day toward that goal, opportunities you never imagined will happen. It’s cause and effect my friend. If you want a job you have to prepare for it right. You have to prepare your resume, prepare your cover page, prepare your clothes for the interview, prepare for the interview, prepare your directions so you arrive on time. If you are a parent you have to prepare for an outing with a baby or small child. Prepare snacks, drinks, diapers, change of clothes, toys. Those are activities that came naturally to me to prepare for. I love being a mother. I need to work in order to support my children. Everything else however, especially when it came to myself, I was pretty much winging it.

All of my children were unplanned. I never planned appropriately to buy a home. The job I did prepare for I hated, and spent seven years working at it while I hated it. I gained weight, I lost weight. I had money, I had no money. Nothing was ever consistent in my life because I was never prepared for it to be. This was such a freeing concept for me that I had to share it with all of you!! If you are in the same situation as I was, where things were spiraling out of control and life was just happening, I hope you find it just as exhilarating.

The third part of this quote; Nothing about my life is lucky.  Well I am not superstitious in any way so this was a no-brainer for me.  We tend to walk through life with a false sense of reality thinking that people who “have it all” are “lucky” or more fortunate than the rest of mankind or blessed in some miraculous way.  What we are not seeing however, is their struggle and fight and sweat and tears that took them to get where they are.  And are they any more fortunate or blessed than anyone else?  Well NO of course not.  They just worked a heck of a lot harder preparing and allowing opportunity to knock.  They showed up.  They planned.  They dreamed.  They prepared.  That’s the secret my friend.  Nobody is a magic overnight success story.  There is hard, hard work involved in anything that you want to do in life planned or unplanned.  So why not make it easier on ourselves and plan and prepare.  And if you take a look at this reality you will realize that you already are successful you just haven’t realized it.  We can all create our own version of success by preparing for what we actually want.

Choose a day to plan out your week. Add one or two things each week that you’ve been dying to do that you haven’t done in years or keep avoiding. Keep the day the same so you are always planning from that day for the next seven days. So for instance Sunday night you could sit in bed and plan your week. Fill in the seven days with what you know needs to get done; work, chores, school pickups… Where are there times you could squeeze in a class or idea or workout you’ve been dying to try. Be flexible in reviewing your week daily to add or remove activities as need, but try to consider these new activities as set in stone to your calendar. Each week ad more and more and you will find that you have plenty of time to do the things you love and you will discover the incredible opportunities will come to you the more you prepare.

If you struggle with time management last week’s book of the week “The Big Leap” has a section about living in Einstein Time. It is amazing and as I said before life altering.  If you missed it check it out below.

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