Wisdom Wednesday

Be Passionate


This week’s Wisdom Wednesday was about being Passionate.
We defined passion as Being Very Enthusiastic About Something.

So what does that mean? Many people think that means being passionate about one thing in their life. What their good at. What they love. But that’s not what I’m talking about at all. To be passionate every day in every way means that no matter what your doing you do it enthusiastically. Yes that’s right even things you don’t like doing like dishes or laundry. Think about it though. If you like the outcome of the chore or action you don’t like doing, than you can change your mindset to like the activity itself. For instance I love to cook and bake. Why? Because I like to eat of course! And I like to eat GOOD food. So I like to make good food. Cooking and baking is a true art. It is an extremely lucrative business as well. However, you don’t have to be making money doing something to love it. I also like being passionate about laundry. Why? I like clean clothes. When you finish your laundry and their all clean and dry and folded in your room it’s like you went shopping, you now have new clothes you couldn’t wear all week because they were dirty, right? Well you can look at anything in life that way if you choose to.

I hated absolutely hated a job I worked at for seven years. However, I was as pleasant, and helpful, and productive, and as enthusiastic as I could be and moved up a few times in the business. Guess what. When I finally left some of my co-workers became my biggest supporters and even my clients. Reaching your dreams and goals should be all about the journey not the destination. How are you going to get there? Why do you want to get there?  Why not get there while being happy and passionate along the way.

I worked on the side doing housekeeping and cleaning for years while establishing my photography. I still have a couple clients to this day. I recently had a client that was suppose to only be temporary ask me to stay a little longer. She loves my work so much she thanks me when I come even though she’s paying me to do it. She has referred me to others even though I will have to let them down and tell them I’m not taking on cleaning clients any more. Recently she asked me if I liked cleaning. I mean I must love it to do such a good job. Honestly, I do love it. I am passionate about it. WHY? I love making people happy. To know that her and her family will have a sparkling clean home to come home to makes me happy as well. It’s just like the laundry, I’m making it look new again. Isn’t that what art is all about. Creating something new, making someone somewhere happy. I often told my children when they were little that they could consider their chores an art. How well they do them and even how well their room looks is a reflection of how much they care, what kind of artist they can be. Of course I got some eye rolling. But it’s true. If we live our lives being passionate about the small things every day in every way think about how passionate you will be about what you dream of doing and the goals you plan to accomplish will seem all that easier!

So Be Passionate!!

Head over to my FB Page and share what new activity you were passionate about this week under Wisdom Wednesday.

Creative Candy

Have a Fantastic Friday!!


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